Hand Made Wood Spoons

Wood spoons are a pleasure to make.  I often try to do a little work on a spoon at the end of each day just for the relaxation and joy of it. I think it may be therapeutic! I started making spoons to make use of some of my small scrap wood pieces that had great grain but were just too small to be anything else.  And then there were some bench branches just asking to be made into unique spoons. I use our native hardwoods like black cherry, white birch, black walnut and maple for my spoons. I also use apple, plum and cherry tree wood.

It takes anywhere from an hour to several hours to complete a spoon depending mostly on the depth of the bowl, but when it’s all sanded and you apply a liberal coat of walnut oil…..oooh they look good and they feel silky smooth. The spoons are meant to be functional and they can be kept looking great for years with a little maintenance of mineral oil.

I will be adding more pictures of my spoons in the near future as well as some pictures of the process of making a spoon from a tree branch….sort of a before and after. Currently each spoon is a one of a kind and is priced accordingly. I will be introducing a specific design pattern soon to be able to have a standard spoon available in black cherry, black walnut and maple. Please check back often.